Friday, 7 August 2009

My first blog entry!

My first blog entry! Here goes nothing....

Top ten SL fashion items August 2009 (In no particular order!)

(1) Manthongs - GW took Magz and myself to his favorite shop recently. It was man thong heaven! Despite the scary looking model in the pictures, the prices were cheap and the quality of thongs were great. Magz Schmooz was heard commenting 'I love a man in a thong. Apart from noobs, there crappy shoes ruin the look!'. Nuff said...

(2) Fake Tan skin - Im all about lying about in the sun applying fake tan recently. Fake tanning is my life.

(3) Blood splatters - Really ties an outfit together.

(4) AVid Verne suit - I wore this suit to the SL Prom 2009 recently. Looks really great. Just ignore the fact I looked like an over worked police detective from the 1920's.

(5) Retro dances - Its simple. You can go and spend L$250 on some fancy new dance or you can break out the classic chicken dance or Getdown dance. Retro dances are sooooo 2009!! Casha Fall has gone on the record stating 'I love retro dances. The more noob-like the better.'

(6) '~ Maybe You Should Calm Down!! ~' Gesture - A gesture I made the other day sampled from Scrubs. Always seems to be an appropriate time to fire it off a few times!

(7) Zaara : Classic jeans for men *black* - I got these free when I DJ'd at a fashion show for Relay for Life. I was going to wear my full samurai outfit but was told that was not allowed. Luckily Morgan Kincess sorted me out with loads of free stuff!

(8) 'Crash On Takeoff' Animation - An animation that makes your avatar do a wild running dive on the floor! Ideal for use in a crowded club! Cagier Kruh was overheard commenting 'If that bloody moron dives infront of me one more time im leaving!'

(9) ' X FAIL!! X' gesture - Another cool gesture. Check it aghhhht

(10) Gay AO - No words can describe how cool this AO is (even for straight av's!). Solange Daviau was heard screaming 'I will bloody out pose this punk!! He's wearing a manthong for christ's sake!! Bring it bitch!!' Solange was later escorted from the club after throwing a noob's shoe at me. Fashion is a dangerous game....




  1. Oh I dont know someone who had the pleasure of dancing with you at the prom I was quite taken with your suit. The blood spatters I could do without....they always creep me out a bit and make me wonder where you have been and what you've been doing.

  2. Wiu you are on way to becoming the next fashion god of second life.

  3. He's your male version Lizzie ;)

    Wiu got me into fake tan today and I admit that I totally love it.

    We demand pictures for all the outfits Wiu! You should even do a flickr fan page for all the people who will follow your precious advice.

  4. You've totally been blog rolled :D

  5. Ah, so military dress is out, and fake tan is in?

    It's soooo hard to keep up.

    Without your fashion tips, we'd all be committing the most awful faux pas!

    Thank you, Wiu!