Friday, 28 May 2010

My Summer 2010 Fashion Tips

Well, as summer is almost upon us, I figured it best that I unleash my summer 2010 fashion picks. But first I thought I would share with you a story which highlights the savage world of SL fashion that I operate in. This story took place a few months ago now on a strangely tense evening. Having just finished spending some quality time at a well known welcome area listening to the excitable newbs argue on voice chat, I decided to except a tp from a friend. The friend was at a club that im not going to name here (only because ive forgotten it - I have no issues naming and shaming!). So along I went expecting the normal mix of music, friends and random chat. However, as soon as I arrived I had some crazed host IM'ing me demanding I put some clothes on. So I did what any experienced SL user would do and told her that I was obviously still rezzing. This seemed to calm her down and put her at ease. So with that small drama cleared up, I promptly set about selecting a suitable pose. After a approximately 30 seconds the host IM'd me once again demanding that I put some clothes on and how this was a classy establishment. The tone of her IM was clearly slightly deranged so I once again replied that I was dressed. The host then started to voice her concerns that I was only wearing a red man thong, pulled up black socks, a pair of Soreal Superstars and that I was covered in blood. "Well," I replied "Get used to this look. It's gonna be huge once summer 2010 comes around!"
This reply seemed to annoy the host. She started waffling on about how I would have to leave if I didn't put some more clothes on. I decided against throwing a hissy fit so I made my retreat with my fashion expert status still intact. I was amazed that there are still people in this day and age that cannot except SL fashion and have to make life difficult for 'those that know'. Life is tough living on the sharp knife edge that is the the SL fashion world.....

Onto more positive things now! These are my 10 fashion tips for summer 2010:-

(1) Posing - Posing has proved to be a massive hit throughout the SL club scene and this is set to continue. It's amazing how splendid a blood soaked avatar wearing nothing but a pair of black leather hotpants (see next tip!) looks when he's posing his ass off to scarily repetitive druggy music.
There was even a Pose Convention recently. All the top pose designers were present. My friend Miyoko Magic (a pose designer herself) kept telling me to check it out, but I was so busy searching the grid for a pretty hair ribbon suitable for bald men that I never made it to the convention.
The following are a few of my favorite pose packs:-
- Jump Poses by Miyoko Magic
- KMG Double Barrel by Niqotine Poses
- Solange Pose Pack by sr3d Poses

(2) Black Leather Hotpants - I love to go exploring with fellow SL fashion lovers. Recently my friend Scarlet Chrome took me on a shopping expedition. I was after a pair of shorts ideally, but once I saw this pair of leather hotpants I was sold. Despite what the folder they're located in says, they ARE unisex....

(3) Cowboy Hat - On the same shopping trip with Scarlet Chrome, we also found this glorious cowboy hat. It was a special find because only the day before Sye Vella had been commenting whilst drunkenly dancing that she wanted to shoplift a Cowboy Hat. I commented that I would love a cowboy hat too but had not found a decent one anywhere. This particular one (from SEY Main Store) changes colour too!!

(4) Risque Partyboi & Partygurl AO - Ok I have a confession. I have been taking some time off from posing recently since finding this AO. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about posing whilst listening to music that just makes me wanna move, but this AO is special. The sexy dances contained within always attract the attention of middle aged balding gay men's young female avatars. Special moments indeed...

(5) Neverending Story Gesture - Every summer has a BIG tune. After a long discussion with my friend Morgan Kincess, we're like 94% sure that Neverending Story is gonna take that role this year. To help it achieve this feat of excellence (for the second time - 80's classic!!) I decided to create a gesture of the chorus. It's fast becoming the gesture of summer 2010 too!! Some of the best DJ's in SL have picked up on it already and had these comments to make:-
"Im planning an epic set where I mix between the radio edit and the exclusive 12" version for a whole set." - 2ndThoughts Brando
"Every time I play it I get all emotional and struggle to hold the tears in." - Hern Worsley
"It always gets such a damn good reaction I have to pull a rewind" - Robot Recreant

(6) Fake Tanning - Fake tanning is going to be a big hit again this year. Why the hell wouldn't it be!?!

(7) Dressing in all the same colour - Matching colours to make a nice outfit can be tricky. I often get asked complex fashion questions like 'Should I wear a purple T-Shirt with turquoise trousers?' or 'Why don't my orange and lime green stripped shoes match any of my clothes?'. These sorts of questions are difficult to answer, so luckily, the big trend this summer will be to wear outfits that are all the same colour. No more time wasted shopping around for a beige coat to match pink trousers. Happy days!

(8) dEVOL Sandals - Prim toes ftw!!! You can also add nail polish to the prim toes!! I chose a nice shade of red. Yummy...

(9) Manthongs, Jock Straps And Speedos - Yep, still as popular as ever. Lanne Wise was overheard saying to her friend "OMG, I can't even look at that manthong. It's making my eyes water!"
The power of fashion!!

(10) Heart Shaped Sunglasses - My friend Morgan Kincess is a fashion expert. The other day she sent me a wildly written IM demanding that I come and sit on a lucky chair for her. I duly obliged and won a pair of Heart shaped pink sunglasses (Kunaki Glasses Style). Free SL fashion rocks!!!

And that's it from me. I hope you enjoy these delicious slices of SL fashion!