Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fake Tan Fun

Morgan Kincess came over to my land for a visit yesterday evening. She showed me some very handy building tips which should really help me out.

Morgan was also amazed by my glorious fake tan. So after threatening to put me in a headlock, I gave her a bottle of fake tan. 5 minutes later she had turned a very nice shade of orange. Unfortunately though the fake tan had a bad reaction on Morgan. She suddenly developed a bloody huge monobrow! I didn't really notice it at first due to the fact I was digging a hole to make a swimming pool that Morgan assured me would make my land look 34% more professional. When I eventually worked out what Morgan was screaming about I cammed in and was speechless, the monobrow dominated her head. It was huge. After lol'ing for about 5 minute's Morgan found a pair of goggles to cover most of the hairy nightmare up. Despite the complications Morgan admited that fake tan was a great look.

I have found one problem with fake tan though. Unfortunately it really clashes with my new pink shirt....



  1. rofl, yes the unibrow. Comes with old school skins where you can tint the eyebrows.

  2. Builders don't always have the time to chill in the sun, so fake tan bottle is a blessing. Thank you Wiu!

    I found my tweezer and spent 2 hours to fix myself...

    Oh and here is a picture of all our friends who borrowed the fake tan bottle: