Saturday, 8 January 2011

Accessorizing Fun

Firstly, happy new year to one and all!! I hope you all had a great Christmas. After coming a close 2nd in the 'Worst Blogger of the Year' contest (apparently, Dry Dave's 'Lag Diary' proved to have the contest sown up since August), I thought I'd try to post more of the fashion tips and stories of my inworld experiences everyone seems to enjoy. Before we get down to some hardcore fashion though, I thought it would be fun to answer one of the many fashion related questions I receive on a regular basis. After brainstorming for 16 hours I decided to call this section 'Ask Wiu'. In truth, the brainstorming took a backseat to playing Medal of Honor on the Xbox. After threatening to snap the neck of a small child I turned off the Xbox and used the first name that came to mind.

Q - 'How can I look cool in Second Life?' from Cliffton Touchself
A - 'Well Cliffton, this is a question that most people have asked at some point. The key to looking cool is to do the unexpected and not follow trends. Looking cool and looking like some sort of sex offender is often a fine line. Setting new trends and looking like a total retard is an even finer line. Why not try mixing things up? Sporting non-prim hair, a pair of leather gloves leggings and a T-Shirt with 'C*nt' printed on it was a look I recently tried at a Christmas gathering. After some nervous laughter from a few drunk clubbers, a hate filled host promptly ejected me. Some people just can't handle trend setting fashion ideas. Good luck Cliffton and keep me up to date in your quest to look cool!'

There can be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to fashion. One area in particular where many people fail is when accessorizing. All to often I see avatars with too many, to few, or no accessories at all! As a fashion whore, I find this shocking and it makes me lose sleep. Not only are accessories nothing to fear, but they can really tie an outfit together too. Hats, Scarfs, 9mm Pistols etc, all make wonderful additions to an outfit. When I asked my friend Casha Fall about accessories that she adored, she made the following comments.
'Bling, Bling and more Bling. I regularly load my avatar up to bursting point with the stuff! I won L$500 at a 'Best Gangster Chick' party a few weeks ago.'
Clearly Casha's excellent choice of accessory helped her to win the victory which she was quick to agree with.
'Oh yes, for sure the bling helped me in my quest for victory. That and the fact I reported my biggest rival to the Linden's. Amazing how fast they'll suspend someones account when you throw the term "convicted sex fiend" about....'
Whilst Casha's had great success with accessorizing. Others don't always get it right. Attaching accessories such as toilets, washing machines, 12" black dildos and oversized joints/spliffs/doobies to every available body part is not a good look. Muting these types is the only thing to do. My friend Lanne Wise also witnessed this Second Life fashion disaster. She commented.
'Im sorry Wiu, I can't talk to you about this attachment slut right now! I've muted his ass, but still feel violated by his foul fashion taste.'
This blogger feels people should take more responsibility for there outfits. Simply attaching random shit is not acceptable - this isn't 2006 anymore! I caught up with Lanne a few days later, and luckily she had recovered from the ordeal.
My new year accessory has been my tiny dog called 'Beast'. I carry that savage bastard around everywhere with me. Some fashion haters have been moaning that accessorizing with a small feminine dog is cruel and selfish.
- 'That tiny dog is clearly not happy being carted around sex sims, sweaty techno clubs and shopping malls. You could get arrested for that in real life! The same should be true in Second Life!'
- 'The poor thing looks like it wants to maul that slutty looking girl!'
- 'What sort of maniac would use that lovely doggie as an accessory!?!'
These are just a small selection of comments aimed at me. Jealousy is a constant factor in my Second Life. Just because they didn't think to complete an outfit with a small dog, they get all wild and start vicious rumours and hate campaigns.

I thought I'd share a New Year fashion tip before I go - Ugg Boots! These gloriously comfy feet warmers will definitely get you noticed in the clubs. My friend Miyoko Magic took some time out of her busy schedule to pose in her pair.
'I love Uggs. Not only are they comfy, but they also make handy weapons when 2 day old avatars decide to grief me. Boot to the head!!'

Well, that's about all I have time for now. The Second Life fashion world is constantly evolving. It can be a real mission to keep up. Rest assured though that fashion hunters like myself will always be on hand to spread the word. Fashion is life and life is fashion!!

Thanks for reading!